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Monthly Archives: July 2007

I took these pictures on my first day in Singapore (Jul 20). The first picture below is the entrance and dining area. The open door on the right leads to the kitchen. The second picture is the living room. You are looking at my recliner and coffee table. These next few pictures are the bedrooms, den and kitchen. Now you can understand why I felt overwhelmed.

Days spent in Singapore: 9 Thoughts of doom and disaster (I can’t live here! I hate it! etc. etc.): None Thoughts of hope and optimism (I can live here! etc. etc.): Enough to put husband and mother at ease Boxes unpacked: 33 Trips to Ikea, Home Fix (Home Depot-type chain), etc.: 6 Days spent without phone, TV and Internet: 5 Malls visited: 11 Shoe shops visited: Too many to disclose Furniture shops… Read More

Our thank-God-he-is-in-Singapore friend Niraj said ‘welcome to the unreal world’. I thought he was exaggerating. Boy was I wrong! It started with Singapore Airlines. WOW! Everyone from the check-in clerk to the gate staff to the flight attendants was polite, courteous and actually happy to serve the passengers. Changi was a little gaudy but it is CARPETED! Immigration took five minutes. And the officer actually said “Happy Birthday in advance”! I had… Read More

Scenes from yesterday afternoon…very random but totally entertaining Two guys practicing martial arts Group of 2 NYPD cops, 4 FDNY firemen and 2 EMTs trying to help a man who was either drunk or drugged or very sick (good to see our taxes at work) Man making speeches as his wife taped him on video (kids looked on bored and/or embarrassed) Tattooed and pierced students with interesting hair coloring just hanging around… Read More

I’m getting so spoilt. Sunday was a gorgeous summer day, perhaps a bit hot but filled with joy and optimism. I started at 34th street and 8th Avenue, walked across town to the row of enticing and exciting stores between 6th and 5th avenues. Returned some clothes bought on impulse (why do I do it again and again and again?). Walked some more to Park Avenue. Stopped by at Eneslow at 32nd… Read More

The countdown has begun. In 9 days I will be in Singapore. Unpacking boxes. Buying furniture. Catching up with the husband. Meeting friends old and new. I’m EXCITED!!!!

I saw my great grand parents’ pictures for the first time last week. It was unreal to see my grandfather (who celebrated his 91st birthday in March) as a boy and a teenager and a young man. It was even more unreal to hear stories about my great grand parents and grand parents. I understand myself and my decisions so much better now. I promise to tell my kids all about where… Read More

I didn’t watch Out of Africa as planned. Instead I watched three dhishoom-dhishoom movies, a movie adaptation of a Broadway musical and a smartly-written independent film.Watching Die Hard, Blue Thunder and Banlieue 13 made me realize how CGI has completely ruined action films. Ok, maybe ruined is a harsh word. Watered down, maybe. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love what CGI can do; LOTR is one of my all-time favorites. But… Read More

….I was in the Ngorongoro or were we already at Sayari Camp in the Serengetti? Such a happy place. Such a happy time. I think I will watch Out of Africa this evening.

Thank you Joanne, Niraj and Rahul for taking the time to provide answers. These are only the first of many questions that I have about Singapore. Come to think of it, I didn’t ask Milind as many questions when he proposed marriage and a move to NYC. Anyway, this is what you told me – JoanneWill I be able to talk philosophy with my S’pore cabbie?– Unlikely, but you can try 🙂… Read More