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I Hate Food Courts!

They seem to exist only to make and serve bad, unhealthy food! I just had a pretty bad experience at Boston’s famous Quincy Market.I have heard great things about the food courts in S’pore – general cleanliness, lots of variety, fresh fruits stalls, reasonable prices, etc. I guess they are […]

Cause and Effect

I am volunteering for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this weekend. I’m neither running nor walking the 5K race. When the race starts on Sunday, I’m either going to be asleep or I’ll be enjoying chai and NYT (something I haven’t done for some time now). I’m […]

Events and Milestones

RF is now Mrs. Brackner. My annual performance review results brought some cheer. I met Reshmi after almost two years. Nisu-bisu celebrated another b-day. And Baby O turned one. Moving to S’pore doesn’t mortify, terrify or horrify anymore. I’m ready.