One More SQ Story…(Gosh, these are piling up fast!)

Back in December, M suggested I use his abundant miles to buy a business class ticket for my journey from NYC to S’pore. It was a good idea considering it was a long journey (18 hours) and I would be sad and maybe bawling. Surprisingly all 40-odd business class seats were sold out though you could buy as many economy tickets as you wanted.

Today, when M was taking the very same flight from NYC, SQ was looking for volunteers to downgrade from business to economy for S$2000 in cash and a US$100 in-flight voucher! I’ve never heard of anything like this!

I’m fast becoming a die-hard fan of this airline. Are they publicly traded? Can I own their stock? And when are we flying the A380 to Sydney?

Can’t Digest This Donut!

According Time Out Singapore, donuts are the new craze in Sg. There is a donut shop called Donut Factory in the mall adjoining my office. It’s a neat and hip-looking place with a velvet rope and all. At any time of the day people line up for up to an hour to buy the freshly-prepared donuts. One day the line was only 4-5 customers long, so I joined it. I’m sorry to say but the trans-fat loaded, probably frozen at some point, baked God-knows where Dunkin Donuts donut is much better.

This morning a man walked in to the office with three large boxes of Krispy Kremes. My eyes lit up (I don’t know why because KK always makes me sick). Excitedly I asked, “There’s a Krispy Kreme in Sg?”. He laughed out and replied “No, these are from Hong Kong!”. So this person actually got on a plane with three large boxes of Krispy Kremes! Talk about being crazy! And think about the donut ooops!…. brownie points he is going to earn!

Coming Soon – Nach Baliye!

M is making good on his promise to learn dance. We have signed up for 8 weeks of salsa lessons. Yes! Yes! Yes!
And this time the signs are all positive. For starters, the class is NOT in Chelsea. Second, it is on Fridays at 7pm. And third, it is located less than five minutes from M’s office which means he can work till 6.55pm. Although I believe it would be better for him, at least for the first couple of lessons, to down a couple of cocktails between 6pm and 7pm. You know loosen up, dull the pain, etc. etc.

Week 4…

…and I feel like I’ve been here forever. No, I still don’t know Sg like the back of my hand or have the MRT map memorized or have a favorite Thai restaurant or special place in the Botanic Gardens. I haven’t even been to the Botanic Gardens! But I feel optimistic.

These days it’s all about accentuating the positive. It rains every day. But the vegetation is lush. It is hot and sticky. But I have easy access to a pool. Work is slow. But I get to go home early and cook. TV is crap. But…but there is no positive to that! I miss my TV! Every show I would like to watch is a season behind. So basically I can’t watch these shows until 2009. There is Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane but no Project Runway. There is Gordon Ramsay but no Ina Garten.

What does Week 5 look like? The husband will be gone all week again! I could reorganize the kitchen or at least make an attempt. Or I could schedule spa treatments. I could try a Hot Yoga class. Or just hit the pool after work. I could explore Fort Canning Park or explore Centrepoint. I should definitely reach out and reconnect with old friends. So much to do! But I have this dirty feeling I’m going to be home watching Hindi TV (my new guilty pleasure) or reading Isaac Asimov (an old love rediscovered).

This is Not a Paid Advertisement

After having flown direct to Bombay twice, I decided to try the direct flight from NYC to Spore.

Flight 21 is the longest SQ flight with a total distance of 9,529 miles completed in 18 hours and 45 minutes.

I had assumed I would have to watch at least four movies and I would be fairly miserable when I landed. Instead I slept for a good 12 hours. And snoozed for another 3. I guess the leg rest, extra soft eye shade and extra thick blanket helped. And by the time I finished watching No Reservations it was time to land!

Fly direct! That is my new mantra. And where you can, fly SQ!

Until We Meet Again!

I left NYC on Thursday, December 6, 2007. I had exactly 13 days to pack and move out. How do you pack up 5 years of your life and move out of a country in 13 days? With a lot help from friends. I have to admit that I would not have been able to leave my apartment Thursday night if it hadn’t been for Cousin Meg and the Friendly Neighbor. On what would have been the most difficult night of my life they showed up, took charge and made the evening very very memorable. Thank you!

I didn’t get to have a Farewell NYC tour as I’d hoped. Nor did I get to meet or talk to some very dear friends. But I did have some wonderful moments that I will cherish forever. Walking in snow on the quaint and narrow streets of West Village. Window shopping with Cousin Meg. Churros and baked eggs at Five Points with RF. Early morning coffee and NY Post at the new Europan on 58th and 9 Ave. Knocking on all my neighbors’ doors for a wine bottle opener. And finding no one at home attempting to open the bottle with a Swiss Army Knife and succeeding. Sharing peanut gelato at 7pm on a cold evening at the Chelsea Market. And just walking walking walking all over NYC.

Of course, I will return to visit. I haven’t said goodbye yet.