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Can’t Digest This Donut!

According Time Out Singapore, donuts are the new craze in Sg. There is a donut shop called Donut Factory in the mall adjoining my office. It’s a neat and hip-looking place with a velvet rope and all. At any time of the day people line up for up to an […]

Coming Soon – Nach Baliye!

M is making good on his promise to learn dance. We have signed up for 8 weeks of salsa lessons. Yes! Yes! Yes!And this time the signs are all positive. For starters, the class is NOT in Chelsea. Second, it is on Fridays at 7pm. And third, it is located […]

Week 4…

…and I feel like I’ve been here forever. No, I still don’t know Sg like the back of my hand or have the MRT map memorized or have a favorite Thai restaurant or special place in the Botanic Gardens. I haven’t even been to the Botanic Gardens! But I feel […]

Until We Meet Again!

I left NYC on Thursday, December 6, 2007. I had exactly 13 days to pack and move out. How do you pack up 5 years of your life and move out of a country in 13 days? With a lot help from friends. I have to admit that I would […]