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I Choose to be Happy

It may seem a bit ridiculous but, to be happy is a choice we make daily.  In our action-packed lives we often forget to take a moment and consider what we are doing to ourselves – mind and body.  Somedays I feel like I’m losing myself and going down in […]


I have done it!  I’ve gone and created my own meetup group right here in Singapore.River Valley Moms is now an official meetup group with 10 members and 5 more pending conifrmation!  All this within 12 hours of the group being launched.  I knew there had to be interest among […]

Wise Words

I forget where I read this but it has stayed with me. “Too often, we live our lives to meet everyone else’s expectations. If you design the life you want based on your values and priorities, you’ll be much happier. Think of your life like a string of pearls. Every […]

Singapore…An Update

My last post was in September 2008. That was almost 4 years ago. A lot has happened since 2008. For one, I now have two small children. For another, we have moved twice in three years and now own the apartment where we live. A lot has stayed the same. […]

Well, What A Weekend!

I used to be the avid Formula One fan once upon a time in Bombay. Then I moved to the U.S. where the idea of waking up before 9am on a Sunday morning pretty much killed the F1 spirit. I didn’t really miss it. Baseball kept me occupied from April […]

Almost Nine Months!

It takes 40 weeks for a human to create another of its own species. So in the time it takes to create life, what have I done in Sg?Well, first and foremost I have made it home. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Singapore is HOME. I like the way my apartment […]

Six Months

It’s been a while since my last report from this new place called Singapore that is quickly beginning to feel like home. I have days when I feel uprooted and lost and I’m best avoided on those days. But mostly I feel good. Life is finally beginning to make sense […]

Four Months

It has been four months since I moved to Sg. Four months since I started work. And it has been one roller-coaster ride. Everyone wants to know how I like it here, how I’m adjusting, etc. etc. And I’ve been maintaining a ‘so-far-so-good’ attitude.But last night when I was coming […]

Can’t Digest This Donut!

According Time Out Singapore, donuts are the new craze in Sg. There is a donut shop called Donut Factory in the mall adjoining my office. It’s a neat and hip-looking place with a velvet rope and all. At any time of the day people line up for up to an […]