Can’t Digest This Donut!

According Time Out Singapore, donuts are the new craze in Sg. There is a donut shop called Donut Factory in the mall adjoining my office. It’s a neat and hip-looking place with a velvet rope and all. At any time of the day people line up for up to an hour to buy the freshly-prepared donuts. One day the line was only 4-5 customers long, so I joined it. I’m sorry to say but the trans-fat loaded, probably frozen at some point, baked God-knows where Dunkin Donuts donut is much better.

This morning a man walked in to the office with three large boxes of Krispy Kremes. My eyes lit up (I don’t know why because KK always makes me sick). Excitedly I asked, “There’s a Krispy Kreme in Sg?”. He laughed out and replied “No, these are from Hong Kong!”. So this person actually got on a plane with three large boxes of Krispy Kremes! Talk about being crazy! And think about the donut ooops!…. brownie points he is going to earn!

2 Comments on “Can’t Digest This Donut!

  1. A similar thing happened here a couple of years ago – this guy I worked with brought 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme in when he flew in from LA to Edmonton. None of us had ever had it before, but everyone thought they were pretty good!


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