Jamberry Circus is a creative universe of thoughts, ideas and activities inspired by events and occurrences in daily life.


Our five senses receive and process an overwhelming amount of information in today’s always-on lifestyle. Jamberry Circus, is a record of the response to the stimuli. I share information, raise questions, offer wisdom or a recipe for cookies, rant and rave, shake a fist or shrug my shoulders, maybe even coax a giggle. The main purpose is to inspire thought

I’ve had a 13-year career that was both meaningful and rewarding. I’ve had a couple of years of being a stay at home mom that have been amazingly fulfilling. Now it’s time for Act 3.

The written word has always been a great passion. I’ve always been a voracious reader and I loved writing essays as a student. In my 20s I discovered blogging as cathartic experience that helped me deal with major life changes.  The last decade has been busy trying to, and occasionally, having it all – marriage, career, motherhood. Jamberry Circus is the next step towards living a life of meaning, purpose and joy.

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