Almost Nine Months!

It takes 40 weeks for a human to create another of its own species. So in the time it takes to create life, what have I done in Sg?
Well, first and foremost I have made it home. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Singapore is HOME. I like the way my apartment is shaping up and I’m looking forward to my first Diwali here.
Second I have tossed away my immigrant mentality and boldly accepted an expat mentality; just in time for global financial crises which should be reason enough to cut spending and adopt the frugal life of a new immigrant.
Third, I have worked harder than I ever have. At some point in the future I will look at this period of adjustment and be proud of myself.
Fourth, I have travelled to Vietnam and Indonesia. Not as much as I expected but something is better than nothing. In the same time, M has amassed about 200,000 Krisflyer points.
Fifth, I have become a better and more efficient cook. And it’s my number one stress-buster. How? Think chopping vegetables.
Sixth, I have learnt not to drown my plants. Hopefully the three new ones will survive longer than my poor basil plant.
Well, there have been other minor accomplishments but so much more to do (like buy our first house or have a baby!). As the year runs away from us again, I contemplate what the new year will bring (a return to the immigrant mentality for sure!). Top of my list – eat healthier and maintain an exercise regime. I still don’t know how veggie curry and rice will fit into that but constantly being frustrated at not finding clothes that fit well is a motivator as strong as any.

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