Six Months

It’s been a while since my last report from this new place called Singapore that is quickly beginning to feel like home. I have days when I feel uprooted and lost and I’m best avoided on those days. But mostly I feel good. Life is finally beginning to make sense again. My job is beginning to make sense. The roads, the food, the accent, the clothing sizes, the lingo (ok lor may sound like ok lah but there is a world of difference in the meaning), the odd stuff (they blow dry your hair before they cut it) – it’s all beginning to make sense. Phew!

I’m continually amazed at the human capacity to retain memories selectively. When I reflect at the time past I mostly have good memories. Of course, over-writing the memories of the recent past may take some time but I’m sure somewhere in the recesses of my mind the process has already begun.

I’m also amazed at the human capacity to adapt and adopt. Yes, I came to Sg kicking and screaming but once here I have quickly adjusted to my new environment. And now a feeling of always having been here creeping in. And that feels good.

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