I Choose to be Happy

It may seem a bit ridiculous but, to be happy is a choice we make daily.  In our action-packed lives we often forget to take a moment and consider what we are doing to ourselves – mind and body.  Somedays I feel like I’m losing myself and going down in a spiral of negative thoughts, negative energy.  And I have to check myself, rein in the thoughts and CHOOSE to be happy.  It’s an act of willpower, but once done it feels like…I can’t really articulate it, but everything just feels light light light.

So here is something I read today…

There comes a time in
life, when you walk away

from all the drama and

people who create it.

Surround yourself with

people who make you

laugh, forget the bad,

and focus on the good.

Love the people who treat

you right. Pray for the

ones who don’t. Life is

too short to be anything

but happy. Falling down

is part of life, getting

back up is living.

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