Singapore…An Update

My last post was in September 2008. That was almost 4 years ago. A lot has happened since 2008. For one, I now have two small children. For another, we have moved twice in three years and now own the apartment where we live. A lot has stayed the same. I still work for the same company, for the same client. I still like to cook, travel and read.

I have now lived in Singapore for as long as I lived in NYC. And this is home now; though a day doesn’t go by without remembering, reminiscing and recollecting. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. We have a full life here – with kids, friends, jobs, and each other. But it is not NYC.

One Comment on “Singapore…An Update

  1. Aww love – I so feel how NYC weaves her special spell around women like us. She's still alive and kicking, wondering when you are going to visit next. 😉 M


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