This morning I rode to NY Penn Station in Fernando Batista’s taxi. No, I don’t remember every taxi driver’s name. There is a only-in-New-York story here. This taxi had neatly written pieces of paper taped all over the partition that divides the front and back seats. Based on his observations of people and (the beauty of) life, Fernando writes these really smart, easy-to-understand axioms. You know most of these things instinctively but it still feels good to read them in black and white. Things like – you won’t have a problem if you choose not to make it a problem. Or my favorite one, our perception and awareness of reality is always incomplete; thus we will always be partially right and partially wrong. Anyway, Fernando has almost finished compiling a book of his thoughts and ideas and is ready to take them to a publisher. He wrote – today you will do four things (I can remember three) – solve a problem, create a problem, do something special. Thank you Fernando for sharing your thoughts and making my Monday morning commute special.

On a different yet related note, will I be able to talk philosophy with my S’pore cabbie? Will he help me with my luggage (NYC cabbies are infamous for never helping with luggage)? Will he give me correct change? Will he take the most crowded streets at rush-hour (Ever lost your temper when the taxi driver took you through Times Square at 7pm on a Friday?)? Will I be able to ‘hail’ a taxi by raising my arm and pretending to be the Statue of Liberty?

Summer brings a different charm to the city. Yesterday I walked down to the farmer’s market on 57th street and bought tomatoes ripened on the vine (their fragrance, their fragrance….!), radishes, swiss chard, scallions, boston lettuce, asparagus and sugar snap peas. All very fresh, straight from the farms near NYC. It felt good to know I was buying fresh produce and also supporting local farmers. I made Braised Spring Vegetables based on a recipe I found in the New York Times. The vegetables turned out very well but the dumplings were a big disaster. Fortunately, I’d picked up a very tasty multi-grain roll from Whole Foods as back-up. Poured myself a glass of Pinot Grigio and feasted on a simple yet extremely satisfying dish. Will definitely be going back to the market for more produce next Saturday.

So, the decision has been made. After 4 glorious years in NYC we are moving to Singapore. Do I want to move? Who in their right minds would want to leave NYC? Trade the Upper West Side for River Valley Road? Central Park for Botanical Garden? Whole Foods for Cold Storage? MTA for MRT? Sido’s falafel for Carrot Cake? Deep breath, Vaishali, deep breath!
Well, in less than a month I will be in S’pore to check out our new apartment, new neighbourhood, new friends. Can’t say I’m not excited. But leaving NYC seems like the hardest thing I’ve ever done. As Milind says, we were made for each other…NYC and me. 🙂
So let’s see how this new adventure goes.

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