Movie Time in Beantown

I didn’t watch Out of Africa as planned. Instead I watched three dhishoom-dhishoom movies, a movie adaptation of a Broadway musical and a smartly-written independent film.
Watching Die Hard, Blue Thunder and Banlieue 13 made me realize how CGI has completely ruined action films. Ok, maybe ruined is a harsh word. Watered down, maybe. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love what CGI can do; LOTR is one of my all-time favorites. But the thrill of watching real, unfooled-around-with action sequences (think Bruce Willis running around bare feet) is beyond the thrill of watching Orlando Bloom’s Olyphant sequence in the Return of the King. And what about Parkour? If you saw Casino Royale and loved the opening action sequence you will love Banlieue 13, a showcase for Parkour in the guise of a futuristic French movie.
Anyway, enough about action movies. Rent was very enjoyable and I might actually go watch the Broadway show and/or the opera La Boheme while I’m still in NYC. And Thank you for Smoking was delicious from start to finish. Kudos, Mr. Eckhart! I look forward to seeing you in No Reservations (which is the Hollywood remake of the lovely German film Mostly Martha).

What is the film scene in Singapore? Do they have an international film festival? Is there a Netflix-type service? Where can I get my supply of foreign films? Maybe I can start a movie club, kind of like a book club with sound and light effects!

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