Another NYC-Perfect Sunday

I’m getting so spoilt. Sunday was a gorgeous summer day, perhaps a bit hot but filled with joy and optimism. I started at 34th street and 8th Avenue, walked across town to the row of enticing and exciting stores between 6th and 5th avenues. Returned some clothes bought on impulse (why do I do it again and again and again?). Walked some more to Park Avenue. Stopped by at Eneslow at 32nd street. What a great business. What delightful customer service. Highly recommended. At 26th street debated whether to eat lunch at Sarvannas. Thought of the ghee in the dosas and kept walking. Walked all the way to Union Square. Stopped by at Maoz. Was flooded with memories of a similar falafel joint in Amsterdam (do you remember Nisu-bisu?). Salad box filled with yummies, walked over to Union Square park and sat myself down on a patch of grass to enjoy crunchy falafel, hummus, pickled baby eggplant, carrots, olives, cucumber with dill, tomatoes, fried eggplant, two types of slaw, and four sauces. As I sipped the freshly-squeezed OJ, I could feel waves of contentment wash over me. Had to call the husband to share the moment. (He was having a stressful moment standing in the SQ check-in line at the Bbay airport. When I get to S’pore end of this week, I’m going to pamper him like no tomorrow.)
Where can I get good falafel in S’pore? Do they allow eating in parks? Can I take a nap in the park? What about public displays of affection?

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