Until We Meet Again!

I left NYC on Thursday, December 6, 2007. I had exactly 13 days to pack and move out. How do you pack up 5 years of your life and move out of a country in 13 days? With a lot help from friends. I have to admit that I would not have been able to leave my apartment Thursday night if it hadn’t been for Cousin Meg and the Friendly Neighbor. On what would have been the most difficult night of my life they showed up, took charge and made the evening very very memorable. Thank you!

I didn’t get to have a Farewell NYC tour as I’d hoped. Nor did I get to meet or talk to some very dear friends. But I did have some wonderful moments that I will cherish forever. Walking in snow on the quaint and narrow streets of West Village. Window shopping with Cousin Meg. Churros and baked eggs at Five Points with RF. Early morning coffee and NY Post at the new Europan on 58th and 9 Ave. Knocking on all my neighbors’ doors for a wine bottle opener. And finding no one at home attempting to open the bottle with a Swiss Army Knife and succeeding. Sharing peanut gelato at 7pm on a cold evening at the Chelsea Market. And just walking walking walking all over NYC.

Of course, I will return to visit. I haven’t said goodbye yet.

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