Week 4…

…and I feel like I’ve been here forever. No, I still don’t know Sg like the back of my hand or have the MRT map memorized or have a favorite Thai restaurant or special place in the Botanic Gardens. I haven’t even been to the Botanic Gardens! But I feel optimistic.

These days it’s all about accentuating the positive. It rains every day. But the vegetation is lush. It is hot and sticky. But I have easy access to a pool. Work is slow. But I get to go home early and cook. TV is crap. But…but there is no positive to that! I miss my TV! Every show I would like to watch is a season behind. So basically I can’t watch these shows until 2009. There is Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane but no Project Runway. There is Gordon Ramsay but no Ina Garten.

What does Week 5 look like? The husband will be gone all week again! I could reorganize the kitchen or at least make an attempt. Or I could schedule spa treatments. I could try a Hot Yoga class. Or just hit the pool after work. I could explore Fort Canning Park or explore Centrepoint. I should definitely reach out and reconnect with old friends. So much to do! But I have this dirty feeling I’m going to be home watching Hindi TV (my new guilty pleasure) or reading Isaac Asimov (an old love rediscovered).

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