Embrace the Auntie

When you are of a certain age, with a certain number of years of marriage under your belt, with children of a certain age, it is inevitable that a certain auntieness will creep in.

Auntieness? Some of you ask me.  Some of you know exactly what I mean.

It started when I was still working.  Tired of carrying around a laptop, a charger, headphones, assorted documents, assorted cables, toiletries, snacks, all over the place, I traded in my all-leather tote for a Victorinox rolling briefcase.  Frequently I would be asked, “Are you traveling somewhere?”  I learnt to take it all in my stride, flash a smile and say “No, just saving my shoulders”.

When I quit work, I also quit all sorts of closed shoes and went everywhere in flat sandals and flip flops.  Now after ten months I have introduced my feet to the joys of ballet flats.

I carry an umbrella at all times and shamelessly use it to protect myself against harmful UV radiation and for a more comfortable walk.

I also carry a wheeled grocery shopping bag, again to protect my lower back and shoulders.  What did I say?  I am a woman of a certain age.

A brush through the hair and lip gloss are acceptable dressing up on a daily basis.  It makes dressing up for Date Night and Girls’ Night Out even more fun!

And yoga pants can most definitely be worn everywhere. There is whole new fashion movement just for us – athleisure!

So, as my favourite inspirational author Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Embrace the glorious mess you are”.  I say, “Embrace the Auntie!”.

Note: In many part of Asia, any woman older than you is referred to as ‘auntie’. Click here to read a funny article on the types of aunties you may come across in Singapore.

Embrace the glorious mess you are

One Comment on “Embrace the Auntie

  1. Liked the way you write :). Embrace life – messy or magical. But I hate the connotations of the way Aunty is used in our country… there was this headline of “Aunty National” for Smriti Irani after her firebrand speech. As if it is meant to offend and it will succeed in that. I got called Aunti when I rejoined work a fortnight after my marriage – by guys far older than me who had tried flirting earlier. I was 22 then :)). Uncles can’t help it 😉


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