Building a Writing Practice: Week 1

Week 1 is in the bag. It was easier than I expected. I did the morning pages (3 pages of stream of conscious writing) every day, and I completed most of the other tasks assigned for the week.

I eased the expectation that I would do the pages first thing every morning. With the entire family at home due to COVID-19, it was not going to be possible. Instead I wrote them as soon as I had helped my children with their morning routine. On one occasion I misplaced my journal and wrote the pages at night before bedtime! I didn’t berate myself for the lapse, instead I decided to keep going. Pages done late are better than no pages at all.

I also wrote down a page of affirmations and read them (sometimes aloud) every day. I find this very empowering. It helps to silence the voice of doubt that tends to get very loud sometimes. I plan to read the affirmations as a daily practice.

The Artist’s Date posed a challenge. But thanks to the modern technology I was able to go on a virtual tour of the Vatican museum, gawk at the Sistine Chapel from different angles and pretend I was going to enjoy a plate of pasta and a gelato after my very intense tour. I also visited the Rjiksmuseum to view Rembrandt’s The Night Watch among other paintings by Dutch masters.

I’m happy to have restarted this journey to find my creative self, my voice. Especially given these uncertain times. I’ve been stressed about the health and wellbeing of my love ones; of keeping them fed, occupied, and safe. Doing this program now allows me to carve out time exclusively for myself. It’s my version of self-care for troubled times.

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