Building a Writing Practice: Week 3

I can feel like I’m getting to know myself again. Like I’m dusting off an old, much-loved book and starting from chapter 1. No, starting from the prologue.

I wrote morning pages every day except one (see picture below).


I can feel becoming more honest on the morning pages, not being scared to articulate what I’m feeling and thinking. I guess that’s a positive step towards regaining my voice. This morning, I had more than three pages to write. I couldn’t stop the flow of thoughts and words. Also, there have been tears. Not tears of sadness or joy or shame or guilt.  But tears that flowed as result of feeling free, feeling present.


The Artist’s Date consisted of baking Melissa’s Clark awesome One Bowl Pound Cake (see picture) and a new banana bread recipe recommended by a close friend. I have a tried and tested banana bread recipe but never hurts to try someone else’s tried and tested recipe, does it?




There was lot more of colouring books and listening to music – classical, Bollywood and Blues. Plus, I decided to change the blog’s design theme and play around with CSS.

I forgot to mention previously, that in the past two weeks I’ve posted three blog pieces here.  I had drafted two of the pieces a while ago, but I hadn’t posted them because they didn’t seem perfect to me.  So posting them now, with minimal edits, was an act of courage.

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